Why are Businesses Opting For Pageless Website Design?

In the pageless website design, all pieces of information are present on a single page to the visitors in lieu of multiple pages. With the assistance of this website structure, multiple businesses are transforming the old websites and conferring a contemporary and enjoyable experience to the visitors. They let the visitors absorb all the content on the website via intuitive scrolling, guided narrative, and responsive elements. There are several reasons why businesses, in these days, are giving a consideration to the pageless website design.


The ultimate goal of having a website is to communicate with the prospects, customers and business partners. It is for accomplishing a specific objective which can be achieved in a perfect way via storytelling. When it comes to pageless website design, stories are used in order to compel the visitors for taking the desired action. Stories contribute to being the best options to deliver a specific message, owing to which businesses are procuring amazing benefits from the pageless designs.

Intuitive and seamless


Pageless website design is known to be seamless and intuitive. The very moment every visitor lands on the pageless site, they are immersed in amazing stories, which let them keep scrolling in lieu of link hunting. The pageless website design does not let them perform different types of click guesswork or point. The entire message on these websites is clear as it is not scattered between the different pages.

Responsive and mobile friendly

Pageless website designs have gained high prominence for embracing responsive elements and mobile-friendly elements. This provides assistance to the website in co-existing with the different changes that take place in the digital landscape. These websites are known for embracing intuitive and linear scrolling on the single page. Scrolling is considered to be beneficial as scrolling is much faster as compared to clicking. It also offers assistance to the visitors to view the prerequisite amount of information and details without breaking the concentration. Scrolling is much easier for the touch-screen devices.

Faster and easier iteration

Iteration happens to be really easy and fast with the pageless designs. It is also easier for making different changes on the basis of user feedback and analytics. This becomes much easy as there is only a single page for dealing with. There is no requirement for weaving the superior user experience across various pages present on the website. A powerful single page story is sufficient for doing the work.

As the visitors make use of smartphone, laptop or tablet, the pageless design looks amazing on different types of devices. This type of site structure plays an indispensable role in the development of uniformity across various platforms. These platforms have users already who are used to scroll through the content along with the interactive elements and navigation. Pageless designs confer an intuitive user experience with the use of design concept, known as Responsive, ensuring the site can be adjusted to different types of devices. Thus, visitors can view the website in a proper manner from any type of device, irrespective of the screen size.

Staying Abreastof Mobile App Development Trends

With the aid of advancements in technology, mobile application development  has now turned to be one of the most actively growing and innovative growing sectors in the last few years. Now, there is an explosive growth in the total number of mobile apps in Google Play store and iTunes. With the reaching of the number of mobile applications in the market newer heights, there has been a steady enhancement in the competition. It is also a prerequisite for different companies to work with the developers who make use of the latest trends in mobile apps development.


Have a look at the latest trends in mobile apps development that have brought a renaissance in the industry. These trends are also responsible for the determination of future of mobile application development

Change in web app landscape

There has been a considerable change in the Web App landscape owing to AMP or accelerated mobile apps. There was a recent announcement from Google that there will be unique search indexes for the mobile Web. This contributes to being a revolutionary step for the sector, especially from SEO perspective and Web app. This may lead to a change in the trends of mobile app development completely.

A wide variety of wearable, as well as loT applications, flood the market. In accordance with IDC or International Data Corporation, the wearable device category will be encountering the composite annual growth of 20.3%. These devices will require applications for the collections, management, presentation and analysis of data in the readable format which will lead to a boom in the application category.

VR or virtual reality and AR or Augmented Reality

VR or virtual reality and AR or Augmented Reality are considered to be the most crucial mobile apps development trends you need to watch out. Even in the last year, AR that is inclusive of Pokemon Go, iOnRoad, Sky Beige, myNav and VR devices like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear has earned a high reputation in the gaming and entertainment industry. In accordance with multiple industry experts, the AR is sure to become more reputable in comparison to VR in the past few years.

The focus on security will enhance as most of the mobile applications will focus on UI and UX, however, skip over the security. In accordance with the experts of the industry, app developers require adapting to specific practices for ensuring safety and security of different mobile applications in the enterprises. They require avoiding the storage of sensitive data in the unencrypted form and detecting the leakage of data by the analysis of applications pre and post use, verification of data transmission over the SSL by apps, to name a few.

Innovative designs

The innovative designs of mobile user experience are recognized to be another reputed app development trend, you need to watch out for. It is a prerequisite to display content and data on the interface of the mobile user in an effective manner for sound user experience., Designers are upcoming up with latest apps that come with interactive cards, content layers, manipulating the content, circulating design patterns.

Mobile App or Responsive Website – Making the Right Choice

In these days, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of life. Thus, people get confused whether to choose a mobile app or a responsive website. A responsive Web Design Ranchi can be viewed in a proper manner from a device of any screen resolution. Then why go for mobile apps? It is certainly a difficult choice as both options come with a specific set of pros and cons that should be considered carefully while making a decision. Long gone are the days when business used to incur huge profits by having a website only. In these days, end users want everything easy and quick. They are willing to shop as well stay connected with favorite brands. This has enhanced the needs of mobile apps and responsive websites.


Mobile applications


Mobile applications are recognized to be software applications that are developed for use on the smartphones specifically in addition to different small and wireless devices like smartwatches and tablets. Here are the top benefits of opting a mobile app




  • Apps offer an amazing option for targetting personalized fashion regularly.
  • They are considered to be the best ever choice for different interactive games for the future.
  • Apps are helpful for taking data and enabling the manipulation of the same with different complicated charts, calculations or reports.
  • Native functionality happens to be another worth mentioning feature of this apps. They come with specific mobile-specific functions like SMS< click-to-cal, GPS>
  • They have gained high prominence for their offline access. Thus, they have the ability to function without wireless or network connection.
  • They have the ability to hold a huge amount of potential for different marketers.
  • They can be availed at ease on different home stores like App Store, Google Play Store, etc.




Additional setup


Extra set up is required for the application as well as a submission in different app stores.


Additional cost


You need to spend additional money for support and maintenance of the same. Thus, testing, upgrades, ongoing development, compatibility issues involve a huge cut off from the pocket.


Extra time


It takes a lot of work for learning app marketing as well as optimization of the same with an eye to procuring a better ROI.


Responsive website


A Responsive Website Design Ranchi, on the other hand, is apt for devices of all screen types. Thus, this type of website can be viewed in a proper manner from devices of different screen types.




  • This type of website can make the business reachable for any type of mobile device, having a browser.
  • It is much easy to share, update, find and have a faster and huge reach.
  • This website is accessible to different users instantly with the aid of browser across a wide array of devices.
  • This type of website is known for improving the search rankings.
  • Responsive websites are really usable and they have the ability to handle different screen sizes, thereby letting users visit, search and shop at ease without the requirement of multiple websites.
  • Website URLs can be integrated at ease with different technologies like QR codes, SMS< etc.




  • Offline access is not possible.
  • The absence of push notifications.
  • At times, poor usability, cluttered design, performance issues, may occur.